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Young Change Ringers Association

The Young Change Ringers Association (YCRA) is a non-territorial association for anyone young enough to handle a bell, up to the age of 30. We aim to be an Association for young ringers, by young ringers.

For more information about us check out our article on page 2021/820 of The Ringing World.Who are the founding members?

Matthew Jerome

Matthew Jerome portrait

Why did you want to create the YCRA?

I came to the realisation that there were ringers in my area I had never heard of, and that this wasn’t just a one off. I wanted to help connect young ringers together so they can derive as much happiness from ringing as I do! Plus, I want people to ring with when I’m old.

Elisha Small

Elisha Small portrait

Why did you want to create the YCRA?

I haven’t had a lot of chance to participate in many youth ringing activities in the county so I wanted to be a part of something that would give me, and others, this opportunity.

Elena Brake

Elena Brake portrait

Why did you want to create the YCRA?

I was excited about getting involved with YCRA and helping to secure the future of ringing. Young people are the ringing leaders of the future! I had been looking for ways to connect with other young ringers for a while and the opportunity to get involved with YCRA was too good to miss!

Emily Hall

Emily Hall portrait

Why did you want to create the YCRA?

The ringing community is unlike any other, and I believe that it’s crucial that we allow young ringers to connect and develop as human beings. If anything, it’s for the survival of our art. Young ringers are our future tower captains, teachers, and committee members – the ringing community need to give them the space and tools so that they can, one day, fill those roles. I believe that the YCRA will do just that, with the mentoring scheme being a good opportunity to ease young ringers into roles of responsibility whilst, at the same time, providing a support network.

Josephine Leggett

Josephine Leggett portrait

Why did you want to create the YCRA?

As someone without a ringing family, I was really lucky to find a group of friends who supported me in ringing and helped me navigate ringing etiquette. I wanted to help create a group that would create a safe space for other young ringers to find friends like I did.

Charlie Linford

Charlie Linford portrait

Why did you want to create the YCRA?

It’s a great way to get more kids involved in the larger ringing community so that everyone has the opportunities that some of us take for granted.

Sam White

Sam White portrait

Why did you want to create the YCRA?

To help other young ringers find a group of like-minded people to help, support and encourage them while learning to ring. I was fortunate enough to have this while ringing at university (and when I went to ring elsewhere over the summer) and it is definitely one of the main reasons I enjoy ringing so much.