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As part of Heritage Open Days Weekend 2018, Tonbridge Tower has the Charmborough Ring on Saturday and Sunday 8th and 9th September.
The Charmborough Ring is a ring of six bells, the bells are rung in the same way as tower bells as the Charmborough bells are a good size and the wheels are big enough to allow them to be rung two-handed just like our tower bells. They really are great fun and easy to ring!
The Ring will be on the Castle Green in Tonbridge and will be open to members of the public between 10am and 4.30pm on both days.
The mini ring is being assembled between 8am and 10am on Saturday and dismantled, after a demonstration, after 4.30pm on Sunday.
Tonbridge Tower have organised a rota of ringers to cover the two days but they are short of helpers/ringer-demonstrators on Sunday particularly, and people to help dismantle after the demonstration on Sunday after 4pm. If you would be able to help and can commit to a time slot, please contact Gavin Knight at who will be delighted to hear from you. If you’re not able to commit to a specific time please do come along over the weekend anyway to have a go/support the Heritage Open Weekend and one of our local District’s towers.
The Charmborough Ring was on Tonbridge Castle Green last year at the same Heritage Weekend and was hugely popular.
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